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Our  Bucks



Nano is a Russian Blue blazed berkshire Silvermane, and the absolute sweetest boy we have. Due to his fantastic temperament and beautiful coloration, he is the foundation stud for most of our standard litters.

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Bato is a handsome Russian blue self, son of Nano and Kya. He was selected for his calm temperament, strong immune system, and welcoming nature towards new rats. He's been proving himself as a primary runner-up stud after Nano and has already fathered several litters with great success.



Appa is a Russian blue berkshire silvermane harley dumbo. I picked him out for his calm cuddly nature and luxurious harley coat. I hope to reproduce his temperament by pairing with one of my harley-carrying does this Spring.



Ghostface is a mink roan velveteen dwarf, son of Miyuki and Meelo. He had the best temperament of all my dwarfs so far, so I have chosen him as a buck to hopefully pass on that demeanor. He sure is a cutie!



Stuart is a mink self velveteen dwarf, son of Cream of Wheat and Meelo. He showed the strongest immune system of his litter and one of the better personalities as well, so I chose to keep him as a stud. He produced some fantastic babies with Cream of Wheat over the summer so I definitely plan to breed him again.



Kenji's nickname was "Mamma's Boy" as a baby because he was always crawling up my arm. He is a total sweetheart with people and gets along great with his adopted brothers. However, he sometimes likes to bully younger rats which is not a desirable trait. I may still breed him to preserve his black coloration and human-loving temperament, but his babies will not be put up for adoption. 



Furryfoot is an adorable Russian blue Harley silvermane boy, son of Fluffykins and Nano. He has one of the best coats I've produced so far but he can be overly rambunctious when he rough houses. I plan to test breed him this Spring to see if I can add him to my program. 



Conrad is a Russian blue self, son of Naga x Bato. He is very shy but he has the best immune system strength of his litter, which I'm hoping to pass on to the next generation. I will be test breeding him this Spring to see if he can pass on that trait. 


Meelo (Retired)

Meelo is a Siamese roan double velveteen dumbo dwarf, son of Miyuki and The Duke. Even though I'm not aiming to breed Siamese color, he was the most outgoing male out of the dwarf litter, so I chose to hold him back for breeding to pass on that friendliness. He has sired 2 litters.

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