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Our Does


Hei Bai (Retired)

Hei Bai is a black self (solid) standard rat. She is the most outgoing and adventurous of our girls so far, which is why we chose to pair her with Nano to combine their two great personalities. She's the founding doe for our favorite line.

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 Kya (Retired)

Kya is a Russian blue self dumbo, daughter of Hei Bai and Nano. She was always the first to greet me at the door when checking on the babies, so I added her to our project to pass on her sweet temperament. She's been a fantastic mother and has produced two wonderful litters of sweethearts.



Naga is an absolutely gorgeous Russian Pearl roan silvermane, granddaughter of Nyla. I loved her from the moment her fur came in, but I ultimately chose her as a breeder due to having the best overall health and temperament of her litter. She was another surprise color and I may start a pearl line based on her.

Pearl Girl

Pearl Girl is from Kya's second litter and is an absolute sweetheart. She's always one of the first to greet me. She has a very unique looking coat that I believe is a variety of Russian Pearl. I'm excited to pair her with Bato again this spring to see what kind of babies they produce!


Cream of Wheat 

Cream of Wheat is a beige self velveteen dwarf. She was the best girl out of Miyuki's first litter and has since produced three litters of her own. I'll be breeding several of her daughters this Summer.

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Rangi is Pearl Girl's sister and like her sister, I believe her to be a variety of pearl or russian dove. She's a little more independent that Pearl Girl but still has a great temperament overall. I will be pairing her with Bato as well and can't wait to see what they make! 



Nibbles is a Russian blue berkshire, daughter of Koko and Nano. I kept her due to her docile demeanor and strong immune system. She did well with her first breeding and and I'm planning to try her with a second male in the Spring.



Katana is my favorite baby out of Ru x Bato, and one of my favorite babies I've produced so far personality-wise. Unfortunately, she ended up being more sneezy than I like, but I'm going to attempt to breed her once to see if I can add improved immunity to her amazing personality. I really hope I can because she's such a social and confident girl.



Lily is a daughter of Naga and Bato and she was the only one of her litter to inherit Naga's confident and playful personality. Therefore, I will be adding her to my breeding project in hopes of continuing that trait. I think she has the potential to make some beautiful and outgoing babies.



Adina is another daughter of Naga x Bato. She is on the shyer side, but she takes after her mother with her beautiful Pearl silvermane coloration. I'm going to be test breeding her this summer to see if I can keep her coloration but improve temperament in her offspring.


Riley & Sidney

Riley and Sidney are mink velveteen dwarf sisters out of Cream of Wheat's second litter. Her entire litter showed enormous improvement in temperament so I'm very excited to continue that progress with them this spring. Riley had the best temperament of the litter overall while Sidney shows the strongest immune system.



Dalia is a hairless female, sisters with Ru, Zu, and Sky. She's a little more shy than her sisters but still very sweet and a great mom. She's been very helpful in testing which of my males carry the hairless gene. 


Fluffykins (Retired)

Fluffykins is a Russian blue harley, daughter of Koko and Nano. Harleys often have a hard time nursing but Fluffykins did great with her first litter, keeping them nice and plump! I'm hoping she passes that trait down to her daughters this summer.


Loomis (Retired)

Loomis is a mink roan velveteen dwarf out of Cream of Wheat's second litter. Unfortunately both her and her sister, Kirby, proved to be poor mothers and have since been retired. Loomis does have one surviving baby currently being fostered by Sidney.


Ru (Retired)

Ru is a hairless daugher of Kya and Nano. I didn't know that either of them carried hairless so she was a big surprise! While I personally prefer rats with fur, Ru has a fantastic temperament and great health, so I chose to keep her as a breeder along with her 3 sisters, Zu, Sky, and Dalia.


Opal (Retired)

Opal is our Russian blue variegated harley dumbo. She's super sweet and affectionate. We paired her with Appa, our fluffiest harley male, to combine their lovable temperaments and long luscious coats. Unfortunately, she has proven twice now to have trouble lactating so she has been retired.

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Nyla (Rainbow Bridge)

Nyla was a black velveteen roan "husky" dumbo. I called her my little opossum for her striking resemblance. She was the founding doe for my "husky" lines and one of my goals is to eventually reproduce her look in her descendants.

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Miyuki (Rainbow Bridge)

Miyuki was a black velveteen roan "husky" dwarf, the first dwarf our rattery acquired. She was always a little shy, but had beautiful healthy genetics that created a great foundation for our dwarf lines.

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